Guarantee excellence in the delivery of products and services in the construction engineering sector, adding value in a sustainable manner and combining both the capacity of continuous growth and the permanent generation of results.


Prepare itself internally so that, from 2020, it is structured to double its production capacity.


For M.ROSCOE, the best solution for the client will always come from a cohesive, dedicated and motivated team, with technical excellence, sustained by four unconditional pillars:


For M.ROSCOE, ethics is the fundamental tool for the business life and the company would not have achieved such excellence and perenniality without adopting ethical and moral concepts that make each person responsible for their acts.


At M.ROSCOE, the most important advancement in the evolution of sustainability concept is represented by the increasing consensus that the concept requires and it implies in political democracy, social equality, economic efficiency, cultural diversity, environment protection and conservation, cooperation, compassion and solidarity. For M.ROSCOE, sustainability goes through a process of Shared Responsibility, which must be set between the company, its collaborators, clients and all the society.


At M.ROSCOE, safety means working with physical and psychological integrity, making sure that all collaborators will return safe and sound to their families by the end of each day. The human factor is the greatest asset and differential of a company.

Professional Growth and Personal Development

The way to success goes through passion and courage. Passion for what is being done and courage to search for new solutions and ideas. Here, at M.ROSCOE, we keep an open and direct contact with our collaborators, stimulating them to undertake commitments with boldness and innovation, because we know that there is always a possibility of doing things in a better way.

We also know that what makes a great, visionary and innovative company is the people who are part of it. Therefore, we see “training” as an inseparable part of a continuous learning process. As management practice, we adopt a constant rotation of collaborators within the various teams and projects. By doing this, we guarantee that our knowledge is being shared, we encourage the development of skills and we provide an adequate environment for sharing ideas and questions.

Our facilities.