A new partnership, a new field

Initiated on the second semester of 2015, M.ROSCOE continues, at all speed, to execute civil work in Thermoelectric Power Plant of Project Pampa Sul, located in Candiota (Rio Grande do Sul). The closure forecast is for the second semester of 2018.


The Thermoelectric Power Plant will have total installed capacity of 680MW, it will have two units of 340MW each.

The main reason why this location was chosen for the power plant implantation is due to the fact that Candiota owns the biggest known coal mine in Brazil and has the lowest production costs. Candiota has 38% of all Brazil’s mineral coal reserves.

Tractebel Energy, based in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina), belongs to the french group GDF Suez and, today, it is a country leader in private power generation, with an amount of installed capacity of 7.027MW.

Status: In Progress
: 2015
Client: SDEPCI
Field of operation: Transformation/Thermoelectric
Enterprise: Civil work in Project Pampa Sul, located in Candiota (Rio Grande do Sul).