Moinho Paulista – Nita Alimentos

Another achievement. This time in the Santos Port!

Installed since 1928 in a privileged location in the port of Santos, Moinho Paulista is another customer in the food segment supplied by M.ROSCOE.

The company has an efficient process of unloading and transporting wheat directly from the ships to the silos. This is where M.ROSCOE appears, building new silos in the port region, to increase even more competitiveness compared to other mills.

The silos will be built through the sliding forms technology. With a 6-month duration, the project completion is set for the first semester of 2019.

Moinho Paulista is responsible for the production of Nita brand foods.

Status: In Progress
: 2018
Client: Moinho Paulista – NITA ALIMENTOS
Field of operation: Food / Mills
Enterprise: Civil Works regarding the construction of the new silos for Moinho Paulista S.A., located in Santos/SP.